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I'm a California Bay Area Native, Production Designer, and Cosplayer. I'm on film sets all the time, and if I'm not, I'm sewing. Certifiably crazy about bunnies, video games, manga, archery, and BlackHawk EyeWidow OTP.

I know you're here for my bunnies: Beatrix age 4, lionhead angora, Cotton age 6 or 7, dwarf lop ear, and Alfie , absolutely bonkers, is 2!

I also volunteer at a shelter called The Sweet Pea Foundation. It's a small no kill rabbit shelter and I help with all the grooming, nail trims, teeth trims, and I sometimes upkeep their Facebook fanpage. Please check it out if you have time!

If you ever need advice on rabbit care, my ask box is always open for you!

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My blog is also chock full of my cosplay shenanigans! I cosplay as much as I can with my work schedule.
This is just my bit of internet to
keep track of the cosplays
I make
and wear
and angst over.
Moo Cards (get 10% off if you use this link!!!)

I do take commissions here and there and you can drop a line in my ASK BOX where I will respond with my email and we'll discuss further about it.

(Commission Status: OPEN)

Feel free to drop me lines about questions you have or general whatever, as well!

I am indeed the horrible brain behind "Dumb Kigu: Designs by Ami". So if you are looking to commission some really silly kigu designs, look no further. Full album here.

I make all my cosplays unless otherwise indicated. Hopefully you'll be able to tell that since I post progress photos and angst all over everywhere. I angst even more on my TWITTER.

My CosGroup's dA is: PHAB-JAMS
We're pretty lazy on posting, but you'll be able to find all the other silly people I cosplay with through there.
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